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Update: We reached out via email to Canada’s four main federal parties, asking them if they agree to these three commitments. (Note, we did not share the additional context provided here but we did share the links.)

  • The Conservative Party of Canada did not send us a response.
  • The Green Party of Canada sent us this response.
  • The Liberal Party of Canada sent us this response.
  • The New Democratic Party of Canada sent us this response.

Water connects us all. It is essential to life on our shared planet. It flows across our shared landscape – and its health is our shared responsibility.


Fresh water matters to us, and we know it matters to our members and supporters.

In the lead-up to Canada’s election, we wanted to learn more about how federal parties and candidates plan to address the challenges facing Lake Winnipeg.

We sent four questions – focused on solutions for Lake Winnipeg – to all Manitoba candidates representing the four federal parties running a full slate. We also contacted each party’s national headquarters.

Question 1

Canada currently has an $88 billion water infrastructure deficit (Our Living Waters Call to Action for the Next Government of Canada...

We’re pleased to report some encouraging news for the health of Lake Winnipeg from Sept. 30’s mayoral forum on environmental issues.

One of the three pre-determined questions posed to the six mayoral candidates in attendance (Gord Steeves was absent) concerned wastewater treatment.

Excess amounts of phosphorus are causing harmful algae blooms on Lake Winnipeg. City of Winnipeg wastewater treatment plants represent the single largest point source contributor of phosphorus to Lake Winnipeg. Winnipeg's North End Water Pollution Control Centre treats more than two-thirds of the city’s wastewater...

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