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Community-Based Monitoring For Schools

With support from our science advisors, LWF is co-ordinating the Lake Winnipeg Community-Based Monitoring Network (LWCBMN), which engages citizen volunteers in the collection of water samples. These samples are then analyzed for phosphorus – the key nutrient causing potentially harmful algae blooms in Lake Winnipeg. This work falls under Action 4 of the Lake Winnipeg Health Plan, LWF’s flagship initiative to reduce phosphorus loading. 

Following a successful 2016 pilot season, the scope of this network has been increased to include an education program.

Participation in this program is ideal for youth between the ages of 14 to 18. The expectation is that classrooms, high-school green teams or project-based learning schools will adopt a sample site within walking distance of their school, with students monitoring this site throughout the entire open-water season.

LWF provides equipment and training to help teachers become more comfortable taking students outside. All collected samples will be analyzed, and the data will be contextualized and shared back to participating schools.

The LWCBMN is creating opportunities for students across Manitoba to roll up their sleeves, get outside and become citizen scientists. To learn more, contact Chelsea Lobson, LWF CBM Co-ordinator.

Your gift makes a healthy Lake Winnipeg possible.

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