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Board of Directors

Bryan Allison, treasurer

Background: CPA, CA after a B. Comm at the University of Manitoba. Financial experience across numerous industries in Europe and North America.
Skills: Financial discipline, strategic planning.
Favourite thing to do on/around Lake Winnipeg: “Enjoy the waves at Grand Beach when a strong wind blows from the north. Backwoods canoeing, portaging and camping in Nopiming and North Whiteshell Provincial Parks.”


Scott Beaton

Background: Grew up near Rosser, Man. Degree in plant/soil science. Operates a small farm northwest of Winnipeg, and works on wetland and wildlife conservation projects for a living.
Skills: Able to work with and relate to landowners, with the hope of helping tailor programs and outreach that will work for the watershed, as well as for those who make their living managing the majority of the land within its boundaries.
Favourite thing to do on/around Lake Winnipeg: “I really enjoy camping, kayaking and eating fish from many of the rivers and lakes that make up the watershed.”



Chris Debicki

Background: Lawyer and environmental advocate currently working on conservation projects in Manitoba, Arctic Canada, and Greenland. Five years as executive director of Baffin Island’s legal aid clinic.
Skills: Strategic planning and campaigning.
Favourite thing to do on/around Lake Winnipeg: "Camping on a lonely beach after arriving at the lake from a boreal river by canoe."


Kathryn Dompierre

Background: Professional engineer and environmental advocate with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Manitoba, M.Sc. in Environmental Regulation from the London School of Economics, and Ph.D. in Geo-Environmental Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan.
Skills: Community outreach and knowledge translation; researching and technical communications.
Personal connection to Lake Winnipeg: “As a child, I loved the weeks my family would spend on Lake Winnipeg at Victoria Beach every summer. As I grew up, I became more aware of water-quality issues affecting my favourite spot and the interconnectedness between humans and water. This pushed me to do water-related graduate research and get involved in the Canadian water community to help affect positive change for our shared resource.”


Florence Eastwood

Background: A teacher for over 35 years. Volunteer leader and organizer on political, professional, and community organizations and boards. A national board member of TNC–Canada, the Canadian affiliate of The Nature Conservancy which is active in conservation projects in 69 countries around the world.
Skills: Previous board experience, organizational ability.
Favourite thing to do on/around Lake Winnipeg: “We like to sit on the shore in the fading light of dusk and watch the horizon as it disappears and the sky and lake become one. We also like to watch a good thunderstorm with lots of lightning and booming thunder, and explore different habitats around the lake to find new places to birdwatch.”


Stephanie Guildford, secretary

Background: B.Sc. from Dalhousie University; M.Sc. and PhD from the University of Manitoba. Conducted research on algal ecology with Fisheries and Oceans Canada at the Freshwater Institute, the Department of Biology, University of Waterloo and the Large Lakes Observatory, University Minnesota Duluth. Currently Emeritus Associate Professor at University Minnesota Duluth and Assistant Editor of the Journal of Great Lakes Research.
Skills: Researching, writing, teaching, knowledge of algal ecology. Previous board experience with the International Association for Great Lakes Research.
Favourite thing to do on/around Lake Winnipeg: “Paddle on the Red, swim at Traverse Bay.”


Amanda Karst

Background: Metis, family originally from Saskatchewan. B.Sc. and M.Sc. with a focus on plant ecology and ethnobotany.
Skills: Experience with environmental non-profit boards; awareness of ENGO landscape in Manitoba; dedication to understanding and celebrating Indigenous ways of knowing the land and the water, and understanding and navigating how Indigenous communities interact with western scientists and science as a whole.
Favourite thing to do on/around Lake Winnipeg: “Sit at the beach – or backcountry canoe tripping.” 


Bill McDonald

Background: Professional engineer with 25 years of experience working on major projects in the heavy construction engineering and 15 years of senior management with the Manitoba government.
Skills: Construction/engineering, organization, communication and government insight.
Personal connection to Lake Winnipeg: "I have been a cottage owner at Victoria Beach for over 30 years."


Les McEwan

Background: A full-time farmer. Active in environmental agricultural research. Chair of the Deerwood Soil and Water Management Association and the Tobacco Creek Model Watershed; director for the Manitoba Buckwheat Growers Association.
Skills: Knowledge of agricultural watersheds and the impact of farming practices on water quality.
Favourite thing to do on/around Lake Winnipeg: “As an amateur photographer, I enjoy taking pictures in wetland settings.”


Liam Mulhall

Background: Graduate of the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business. Completed a Master’s degree in Sustainable Environmental Management at the University of Saskatchewan, with studies focused on water resource management. Past experience as a commercial account manager at a large Canadian bank. Currently employed as a Business Analyst with Stantec Consulting in Winnipeg.
Skills: A multidisciplinary background in both business and environmental studies, “big-picture” thinking, being a patient team member who likes to listen to others, gather information and encourage collaboration.
Favourite thing to do on/around Lake Winnipeg: "I am an avid fisherman and have been ‘hooked’ since catching my first Goldeye at a very young age. I particularly enjoy fishing Lake Winnipeg’s river systems, which offer an abundance of species and the thrill of the unknown. Throughout the year I can be found fishing on any one of the Red, Winnipeg, or Saskatchewan rivers."


Roger Mollot, president

Background: B.Sc. in Environmental Science from the University of Manitoba, professional experience in aquatic science, watershed management and freshwater conservation while working for government and non-profit agencies in Canada and around the world.
Skills: Project management, program development, proposal writing, project review, capacity development and training, monitoring and evaluation, and participatory research.
Personal connection to Lake Winnipeg: "I have been camping, canoeing and fishing on Lake Winnipeg and within the Lake Winnipeg watershed my whole life. I feel a deep connection to the water and forests of our watersheds, and a responsibility towards being actively engaged in effective management and conservation of our water resources."


Selena Randall, chair, Science Advisory Council (SAC)

Background: An environmental scientist. Born and raised in southern England. Studied aquatic ecology and limnology before working for 15+ years for the UK government’s Environment Agency on pollution control, particularly from farming practices. Moved to Canada in 2010. Worked for Agriculture Canada and the University of Manitoba’s Watershed Systems Research Program. Currently working at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy.
Skills: Strategic planning, communication and knowledge translation. Knowledge of how government departments work. Experience with proposing, designing and implementing scientific research.
Personal connection to Lake Winnipeg: “I’ve always been fascinated by water – it was the focus of my studies and much of my work. In my spare time I like to canoe. I’ve been exploring the Lake Winnipeg watershed by canoe over the past 15 years. When I am on the water I feel calm, connected and my true self.”


Mike Stainton, vice-president

Background: Research chemist with federal Fisheries and Oceans; part of the Experimental Lakes Area research team responsible for water chemistry monitoring in whole-lake experiments and long-term monitoring of reference lakes.
Skills: An understanding of the science behind our knowledge of the issues confronting Lake Winnipeg; a historical perspective of Lake Winnipeg science over the past 45 years; networking with current scientific community working on Lake Winnipeg.
Personal connection to Lake Winnipeg: "I am on the board of the Grindstone Cottage Owners Association. I like pickerel and appreciate our relatively low hydro rates – both of which involve management of Lake Winnipeg."

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