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Love, Lake Winnipeg Art Posters

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LLW art poster red fish
Love, Lake Winnipeg art poster - walleye on red

Looking for a unique piece of art that also helps support a clean Lake Winnipeg?

These whimsical posters were created in conjunction with Love, Lake Winnipeg: A tribute to the songs of Sol Sigurdson. We have two options available for purchase; both are 11” x 17”.

Purchased posters can be picked up at the LWF office, or shipped to you within Canada in a protective cardboard tube for a cost of $15. (Remember to add “shipping cost” to your cart when placing your order.)

LWF publishes a newsletter, The Watershed Observer, twice a year. Our most recent edition includes an update on our community-based monitoring efforts, a profile on LWF member and volunteer extraordinaire Paul Trevenen, plus information about proposed changes to provincial legislation that could affect Manitoba water quality and how you can get involved.